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Anna macht Urlaub

"Anna macht Urlaub" is a moniker coined by my buddy Igor Laera. So kudos to him.

I think, you could say it is a "netlabel" of sorts. It simply is an umbrella mostly for my own music, or projects close to me. The focus is strongly on Ambient, atmospheric music and interesting, experimental stuff in general. Obviously this is not about making money, but about being creative.

So if you are an artist/musician/sound-chaser yourself, you could technically send me your album to have it digitally released on "Anna macht Urlaub". Of course I would argue that there is no special traction going on here, and that you could do it on your own, with your own "label", achieving the same results. But if you feel like putting it under someone elseīs umbrella is more how you see it, you can give it a try and let me hear your demo.

But youīll have to re-type this email-address. Think of it as a first chump-test. :)

So thatīs it. Anything following below is just garbage reflecting the German law.


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Non-monetaristic support

Since almost all of this music is available for free, you donīt need a wallet or a purse to show us your love. But you can pick some of the albums on Bandcamp and share them on that thing they call social media. :) But honestly, no one is sweating over it. It would just be nice to see it happen once a year. :)