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Concrescence: "Obscured By The Dark Years" (2006)

The "Thieves-Of-Impressions"-archive re-opened.

The recording of the material selected in 2006 for the album Obscured By The Dark Years happened back in 1993-1996. I recall this as a very amazing time. It is always one thing to create music secretly in your own backyard and another to see it being picked up by gifted or inspired musicians, singers and artists and immortalized in a decent recording session.

So this music captures the moments of this gone era. Everything seemed different back then. Those were the very last minutes of a pre-internet and pre-cellphone age. We´ve been networking a lot these days, exchanging music and ideas with Japan, USA, Norway or France. But you needed stamps for that and envelopes, two tape decks and access to a copy machine.

After all the years I still feel grateful to all those who walked along with me and made this possible.

We may be just food for worms. But in songs we live forever.